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‘Project Star’: expansion in São Paulo State

Project Star is an ambitious effort by Bracell SP to expand its production capacity from the current 250,000 tons per year by another 1.25 million tons, in order to reach 1.5 million tons per year. The expansion work has already begun and should be completed by the end of 2021. By the time it is completed, Project Star is expected to represent the largest private investment in the State of São Paulo in the last 20 years.

Location and Employment for São Paulo Expansion:

  • Over a two-to three-year period, Project Star will employ up to 11,000 workers during the peak of deployment with a fixed average of 3,500 workers; upon completion, the operation phase will employ up to 6,650 direct workers on a permanent basis in the mill, forestry and logistics activities;
  • The epicentre of the investment will be concentrated in Lençóis Paulista and Macatuba;
  • The expansion investment is expected to create employment opportunities not only in Lençóis Paulista and Macatuba, but also in nearby Agudos, Areiópolis Borebi, Bauru, Pederneiras, São Manuel, Barra Bonita, Jau and Igaraçu do Tietê, and throughout the state of São Paulo.

Mill Expansion Features and Sustainability Commitments:

  • The new mill in Lençóis Paulista will feature best-in-class technology that will have a flexible line designed primarily to produce dissolving pulp;
  • The expansion project will feature the latest designs in a ‘new generation pulp mill’.

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