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Our commitment

Bracell is committed to sustainable development in all its operations. Our commitment policy is guided by the RGE Group’s Sustainability Framework in Forests, Fibers, Pulp and Paper and based on the philosophy that everything we do should be good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate and good for Customers. Only then will it be good for the Company.
We are focused on creating long-term shared value for our stakeholders, especially customers, employees and local communities through economic growth, innovation and efficient production, with excellent quality and meeting the needs of the market. We always seek to act responsibly and dedicated to protecting the environment, respecting human rights and developing the communities in which we operate.
The principles guiding this policy are:

Compliance with rules and regulations

Responsible labor practices

Community development

Protection and conservation of the environment

Carbon footprint reduction

Transparency and accountability

Identification and monitoring of impacts