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Our commitment

Sustainability at Bracell

Sustainability at Bracell is based on the philosophy that everything we do must be good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate and good for the Customer. That’s the only way things will be good for Bracell.

We are committed to the sustainable development of all of our operations, processes and activities, and, in order to do so, we invest time and resources to continuously get better, seeking to adopt the best social-environmental and ethical practices.


Learn more about Bracell Policies:

Sustainability Policy

Human Rights Policy

Wood and Fiber Sourcing Policy

Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Policy

Global Compact of the United Nations

Bracell is a signatory of the Global Compact of the United Nations (UN), and it is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With that, we are part of an international agenda of great importance and visibility, and aligned with global sustainability trends.


UN Women’s Empowerment Principles – WEPs

Bracell is committed to the agenda of promoting female empowerment, both in its work environment and in the communities where it operates, which is why it is a signatory to the WEPs. The Principles are encouraging Bracell to adapt some practices and adopt internal policies that offer a more equal work environment for men and women, in addition to extending to the communities where we operate, in São Paulo and Bahia. To learn more about WEPs, access the UN Women Portal and learn about the seven principles of empowerment in which we are engaged.