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People & careers

At Bracell we recognize we cannot develop natural resources without first developing our people. Our goal is to help our talents develop their skills, and provide the entire team with the opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth.

Across Brazil, Bracell offers training programs, educational benefits and incentives to support professional development. We believe this will open new career opportunities for our valued employees.


Valuing people is one of Bracell’s aspects. We invest in our employees to ensure they remain current in their respective areas of work, with always-improving technical knowledge and skills.

Health & safety

Health and safety are among Bracell’s top priorities. This commitment involves investing in training, simulated exercises, implementation of alarm systems and participation in contingency planning for our operations, and having a trained accident response team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our internship and trainee programs

Trainee program

Plant your future with us!

Trainees are young professionals willing to develop and apply their talents in an environment of transformation, where learning is continuous and knowledge is shared.

During the 12-month Trainee Program, participants have the opportunity to learn the company’s processes and also work in forest and industrial areas across our operations.

Internship program

The Bracell Internship Program is open to students who want to learn more about our industry. We offer two internship opportunities in Lençóis Paulista:

Regular internship

The Regular Internship at Bracell in Lençóis Paulista offers interns learning opportunities, industry exposure and a platform to apply knowledge gained from college.


Explore career opportunities with us