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Check Bracell’s annual performance
with transparency and in
an integrated manner

Check Bracell’s commitment
with Sustainability

By accessing the Sustainability Reports, you’ll learn about:

  • Bracell’s work in favor of the environment;
  • How Bracell improves people’s lives;
  • How Bracell takes care of its employees and communities;
  • How Bracell will leave a legacy for the future.

What our leadership says

In Bracell’s Sustainability
Reports, you’ll find
information on:

Our Sustainability strategy

Based on 6 pillars and programs that
represents the company’s mission.

Biodiversity management

Bracell’s actions to preserve
the environment.

Responsible production

How Bracell seeks sustainability,

Development and social inclusion

Actions to make a difference in
the communities in which we operate.

Do you have any questions
about Sustainability Reports?

It’s a document through which a company reports and accounts to their stakeholders on their operation, modus operandi, and sustainable social practices.

No, but it is seen as a positive market practice that shows the company’s commitment with transparency, responsibility in its business and before its stakeholders.

Bracell’s reports follow GRI’s guidelines and are prepared based on queries with the company’s strategic targets to understand what they believe to be the priorities in terms of business sustainability, and the matters that should be addressed in the report. These targets include internal employees, local government representatives, NGOs, associations, unions, sector entities, service providers, the press, among others.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a leading sustainability organization that offers an important tool towards proper management of environmental, social, and economic indicators of companies.