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Environmental Projects

The conservation of the environment, through projects aimed at protecting and restoring native forests, biodiversity, river springs and other watercourses, is a fundamental part of Bracell’s businesses. We are committed to monitoring the regions in which we operate, managing risks and impacts and acting transparently in relation to the company’s interaction with society.

We invest in initiatives to deepen our knowledge about the territories in which we operate. This includes careful monitoring of threatened species, robust programs for recovery and protection of the environment, as well as the development of partnerships for technology transfer. Altogether, Bracell protects 89,561 hectares (ha) of natural areas, equivalent to the area of ​​Berlin, capital of Germany.

Among the areas that the company helps to protect, the Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPN, as in the Portuguese acronym) stand out, recognized as part of the National System of Conservation Units (SNUC, as in the Portuguese acronym) and designated for environmental conservation, research and tourism.

We own 5,402 ha of RPPN, including the two largest in the North Coast of Bahia: Subaumirim, with 1,607 ha, and Lontra, with 1,377 ha and recognized by UNESCO as the Outpost of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve. We also have another 2,768 ha of RPPN under approval in Bahia, which means that when the process has ended, we will have an area of ​​Private Natural Heritage Reserves equivalent to 8,170 soccer fields.

All of this shows that our responsibility to the environment is proportional to the seriousness of our business.

RPPN Lontra

The Lontra Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN), located between the municipalities of Entre Rios and Itanagra in Bahia, is the second largest RPPN in the North Coast of Bahia, behind Subaumirim, also owned by Bracell. Classified as a dense rain forest, RPPN Lontra has perennial vegetation with trees reaching up to 40 meters in height.

In 2019, Lontra received the title of Advanced Post of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve (RBMA). These Reserves have an integrated, participatory and sustainable management model for natural resources recognized by UNESCO. This means that it is a place of excellence for scientific research, promotion of conservation and sustainable regional development. Unlike the other Advanced Posts in Bahia, RPPN Lontra is the only one that belongs to a private company, Bracell.

The protector of RPPN Lontra

He was supposed to be called Diógenes, but the clerk was confused and named him Dioenes. Over time, it became the nickname ‘John’. Every other day, John travels through the RPPN Lontra to do his job as a watchman. “If I could, I would come every day, because here we always discover something new. On every occasion, I see a tree or an animal that I have never seen before”, he says, proudly.

Fauna and Flora Monitoring

Bracell continuously monitors the biodiversity in its areas, using the presence of species of wild fauna and flora as bioindicators. This program aims to improve forest management, minimizing the impacts caused by operations and, consequently, contributing to the preservation of biological diversity. This monitoring covers species of flora, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. The occurrence of a large number of endangered species demonstrates the quality of biodiversity in the environment preserved by the company.