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Bracell executive assumes vice-presidency of Rede Mulher Florestal

The association works to increase the presence of women in the forest sector; Lais Drezza, sustainability manager, will also occupy a position on the entity’s Board of Directors

A member of Rede Mulher Florestal since December 2022, Bracell, a global leader in the production of dissolving pulp, has joined the organization’s board of directors with the vice-presidency occupied by its sustainability manager, Lais Drezza. The executive assumes her position as a member of the organization’s Board of Directors, which independently promotes pioneering initiatives for gender equality, focusing on the inclusion of women in the forestry sector.

From right to left: Gabriela Moreira, Forest Research and Development manager at Bracell; Lais Drezza, Sustainability Manager at Bracell and; Taís Rufino, Forest Performance and Monitoring manager. / Photo: Bracell Collection.

For Lais Drezza, the new position represents the recognition of Bracell’s good practices and policies in favor of an increasingly egalitarian work environment in a sector historically occupied mostly by men. In addition to contributing to the entity, she expects to be able to identify opportunities for development and greater participation by the company in this very relevant topic.

“I believe this is the perfect time to take up the challenge with Rede Mulher Florestal (RMF), as we are also discussing Bracell’s long-term sustainability goals, including diversity and inclusion. RMF data is very important for strategizing and, now that I am inside the organization, I intend to listen, understand, learn from the members, and promote this agenda at Bracell and in the forestry sector as a whole, with a focus on strategic planning for 2022-2026. Furthermore, it will be important for us to show our female employees that they are represented and that the company is truly committed to the topic”, says Lais Drezza.       

RMF is the main gender equality initiative of the forestry sector in Brazil. The network focuses on achieving the objectives of its strategic planning, including: promoting the expansion of women’s participation in the forestry sector, mechanisms to combat sexual harassment and moral harassment in the forestry sector, and better conditions for women’s work from pregnancy to the early childhood of their offspring.

In addition to the sustainability manager joining the board, Bracell managers Gabriela Gonçalves Moreira (Research and Development) and Taís Moreli Rufino (Forestry Performance and Monitoring) were invited to the RMF mentoring program and will contribute with other women in the sector in the development of their skills.

Bracell also has seven other employee in RMF’s Working Groups (WG): Priscilla Reuter, Mouana Sioufi, Fernanda Kruse in the WG Women in Decision Making; Milene Lopes in the Education WG, Juliana Porto in the Maternity WG and Women in the Labor Market; and Lucia Choi and Mônica Silva in the Equality and Empowerment WG.

To learn more about Rede Mulher Florestal, just access the website: