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Fest in Canto 2019: selective of Alagoinhas will be next friday

Bracell’s social project, supported by the Education Secretariats of seven municipalities in the region, Fest in Canto is an annual contest that opens the way for students to present their gift for music to the public and even be recognized for it: in addition to awards in money, the winners in each category – child and youth – record their own CDs with songs by authors or other composers.

Participating schools also compete for prizes: those that mobilize the biggest and liveliest crowd to attend the local stages and, in the final, receive a multimedia kit containing a projector, an amplified box and a microphone.

Fest in Canto works like this: The Company advertises the project in public schools and interested people sign up to participate by sending a home recording to the organization. The jury pre-selects the audios and selects the students for the selective of each municipality. In these selective sessions, open to the public, a professional band hired by Bracell accompanies them. The first and second places in each category are awarded with R$600,00 and R$400,00, respectively. In addition, the first goes to the grand finale to compete with the finalists from the other municipalities. From this event come the two winners who will record their CDs. The students themselves define the style and genre of music and the repertoire of their albums, which will have a circulation of 1,000 copies for dissemination, all funded by Bracell.

“Music is a fundamental tool not only for culture, but for the transformation of education. It is an honor for a company like Bracell to contribute to this change” says Ana Paula de Matos, Bracell’s Social Responsibility analyst and project manager. According to her, this year there have already been two Fest in Canto tryouts: one in Itanagra and one in Inhambupe.

In addition to Alagoinhas, the next cities to receive selective are Aramari, Conde, Entre Rios and Esplanada. After the selection, the winners will perform at the grand finale in Alagoinhas.