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Bracell launches new documentary on Project Star: The Mill of the Future

The Mill of the Future explores the engineering challenges met in the expansion of what is now the largest and greenest pulp plant in the world.

A dream turned reality! In 2019, Bracell set foot in Lençóis Paulista with the mission of developing an expansion project that would become the largest private investment in the state of São Paulo in the past two decades: the construction of the world’s largest and greenest pulp mill. Project Star was an engineering challenge that culminated in one of the most sustainable and high-tech industrial in the world.

The plant started up on schedule in 2021, and has since played an important role in regional development. Each stage of this monumental project was captured on film to produce the documentary “Engineering Challenges: The Mill of the Future.” Premiering on November 23rd on Discovery, the film takes viewers through each of the engineering hurdles — from initial planning to execution — that were overcome to complete the project, in an effort involving over 30,000 people.

Project Star, Bracell’s expansion project in Lençóis Paulista

“We have just revamped expanded our long-term sustainability strategy through Bracell 2030, a set of ambitious goals for climate, nature, and communities. The new plant featured in the film is one of the key reasons we are able to commit to these aspirational bold goals,” says Bracell CEO Praveen Singhavi. “The documentary is both a tribute to the employees who helped bring the factory” Singhavi adds. Frederico Bastos, digital and social media manager at Bracell, says the film’s narrative “tells real stories of the unsung heroes — whether it’s the nurturing touch of women in the nurseries cultivating eucalyptus seedlings, the occupational safety technicians ensuring rigorous safety standards, or the lessons from the project shared by the seasoned recovery boiler technician.” The climax of the documentary, says Bastos, comes with the installation of the steam drum. “This is a major component of the recovery boiler and a significant milestone in the construction phase.”

The documentary premieres on November 23 at 11:59 p.m. on Discovery, with an encore presentation on November 25 at 1:20 p.m. Subsequently, it will be available for streaming on Discovery+. The public can also view a trailer of the documentary on Bracell’s YouTube channel.