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Bracell opens enrollment for the 2024 Trainee Program

The company is looking for new talent to work in its industrial, forestry, logistics and administrative processes and operations

Bracell, a global leader in dissolving pulp production, has just opened enrollment for its 2024 Trainee Program. Applicants who have completed graduation from December 2021 onwards or who will carry out graduation by December 2023 and are interested in working in industrial, forestry, logistical and administrative operations are eligible to participate. There are 40 vacancies available in the company, with remuneration of R$ 7,300.00.

The available positions are for work in the company’s operating locations, located in São Paulo (Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo and Santos), in Bahia (Camaçari; Alagoinhas; Entre Rios) and in Mato Grosso do Sul (Água Clara). Among the necessary requirements are: ability to communicate in English, availability to work 100% face-to-face and to travel. Those interested must register on the website, by September 15th.

“We seek to attract young professionals who identify with the pulp sector, which is booming in Brazil, and who wish to support the company’s growth”, explains Marcela Fagundes Pereira, Recruitment and Selection Manager at Bracell. The executive also states that one of the priorities of the selection process is to contribute to the diversity of the teams.

The program lasts a year and a half and all bachelor’s and teaching degrees in the exact sciences and humanities are accepted.

The program lasts a year and a half and all bachelor’s and teaching degrees in the exact sciences and humanities are accepted. / Photo: Bracell assets.

Those selected will be closely monitored by leaders, in addition to the opportunity to participate in projects in different areas of the company. Each trainee will have a plan developed to improve their skills so that, at the end of the experience, they will be prepared to assume strategic positions in the company. In addition, all those approved have access to a list of benefits they consider: Profit Sharing Program (PPR), life insurance, food stamps, medical plan, dental plan and private pension plan. 

“I graduated in Chemistry. I joined Bracell’s Trainee Program after having worked in other industry segments. I started working with water quality and learned a lot in different sectors, which allowed me to choose the company’s product quality area for professional deepening. Since then, I’ve been working in this area and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I believe that being close to senior leaders and being able to learn from large projects made all the difference in this journey”, says former trainee and current Laboratory Quality and Control manager, Glaucia Elene de Souza.

“Last year, we had more than 9,000 applicants, with many qualified candidates aligned with Bracell’s strategies. As the largest and most sustainable company in the world in the production of dissolving pulp, we are looking for young people who see sustainability as an important pillar of work, with a passion for innovation, a protagonist, dynamic and entrepreneurial profile, in addition to good interpersonal relationships and communication skills” , says Marcela.

The selection process for the Trainee Program is 100% online and includes the following steps: online test, online English test, online dynamics, final virtual panel, final interview and hiring. Those selected will be informed in the first half of December and the work will start in the first half of January.

Participation in the largest recruitment fair in Latin America

To get closer to the candidates and present the differentials of its Trainee Program, Bracell will participate in the 33rd Integrative Workshop, promoted by Poli Júnior, a student entity of the Polytechnic School (Poli) of USP, on August 23 and 24, from 9 am to 7pm. The company will have a stand on site, with HR recruiters to answer questions from candidates, in addition to company employees who joined through the program, to talk about their experiences.