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Bracell Papéis expands its presence in the national tissue market with its debut at APAS SHOW 2024

Company presents its brands and complete portfolio and will hold a panel on sustainability in retail

Bracell Papéis, the only Brazilian tissue producer among the five largest in the world, will be present, for the first time, at APAS SHOW 2024, the main food and beverage event in the Americas and the largest supermarket fair in the world. Held from May 13th to 16th at Expo Center Norte (SP), the fair marks the beginning of the company’s national operations, following the completion of its unit in Lençóis Paulista (SP), considered one of the largest tissue projects in Latin America and with an estimated production capacity of 240 thousand tons per year.

“Participating in APAS SHOW is very important to reinforce to the various players in the retail sector how Bracell Papéis has expanded its operations in the last year to serve the national and global market. Our business strategy aims to be among the leaders in the tissue segment in the medium term in Brazil. In four days of the event, we will showcase the quality and innovation of Bracell’s products and operations, in addition to the differences of our business model focused on distributors and retailers”, says Eduardo M. Aron, General Director of Bracell Papéis.

Bracell Papéis will be at the fair with a 170 m² stand and will bring its complete portfolio of double and single-ply toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins and children’s diapers. “Bracell Papéis’ big difference is that we have the entire pulp production chain in our operations, which allows us to offer more affordable and superior quality products, the result of the high technology implemented in the production process, and exclusive 3D embossing. All paper is 100% developed with high quality pulp. Customers who visit our stand will be surprised by a new product that promises to revolutionize the toilet paper market”, reinforces Aron.

In addition to the stand, Bracell Papéis will have a panel with the theme “How can we build a legacy for a sustainable future?”, on May 15th, at 11:15 am, in the Consumo em Transformação auditorium. During the debate, experts will discuss how the retail ecosystem can jointly advance the sustainability agenda and generate a positive impact for society and the country. Eduardo M. Aron, Director of Bracell Papéis, Samuel Vanio Costa Junior, CEO of retailer Enxuto, and Ricardo Contrera, managing partner of Mosaiclab, will bring some of their experiences and tips to the participants.

The company has manufacturing units in Feira de Santana (Bahia), São Gonçalo dos Campos (Bahia) and Pombos (Pernambuco). With the recently opened unit in Lençóis Paulista (São Paulo), also considered the most sustainable in the sector, the company expands its operations to serve the Brazilian and global markets.

Check out the products that will be presented at APAS SHOW:

• Familiar Toilet Paper: stands out for the softness and comfort of its products, including single and double-ply toilet paper. Represented by the panda mascot, called Panducho.
• Fofura Diapers: leader in the open diaper market in the Northeast, our products are made with the utmost care for demanding mothers and fathers. With superior quality than its competitors, it stands out for being the best offer on the market.
• Absoluto Paper Towel: with different packaging, it is a multipurpose and versatile product, capable of completely absorbing liquids and fats, in addition to being more resistant, preventing it from tearing easily. Products: Decorated Absoluto Paper Towel, white and economical packaging.
• Velud Toilet Paper: icon in the North and Northeast market, soft, smooth, white and comfortable for all our most demanding consumers.