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Bracell receives excellence award at Agrisummit 2023

The award ceremony took place during Agrisummit 2023, the Brazilian agribusiness innovation and geotechnology event.

Bracell received the excellence award for the use of GIS (Geographic Information System), promoting ESG goals in agribusiness, during Agrisummit 2023 – an event focused on innovation and geotechnology in the Brazilian agribusiness sector. The sixth edition of the event highlighted sustainability solutions and best practices that make a difference in the agricultural sector.

Bracell presented the Carbon Monitoring project, which was developed using remote sensing techniques and ESRI GIS tools to map the successional stages of native vegetation areas belonging to the company and its partners. This lets us calculate carbon removal and storage, resulting in data and query tools for corporate sustainability and environmental reports, supporting decision-making and the establishment of environmental goals.

Bracell’s presented case was the Carbon Monitoring project. / Photo: Bracell archive.

“We are ecstatic with this fresh achievement, as our mission is to improve people’s lives by developing resources sustainably.  As one of the world’s largest producers of dissolving pulp, we follow the 5Cs policy, ensuring that everything we do benefits the community, country, climate, customer and ultimately, the company. The work carried out by the geoprocessing/remote sensing department in collaboration with sustainability fills us with pride and enables us to better manage and sustainablly use resources,” says Jeanderlon Veiga, Geoprocessing Analyst at Bracell SP. Agrisummit is an initiative of Imagem Geosistemas, the official distributor of ESRI – the US leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  The event brought together leading players from the Sugar and Ethanol, Forestry and Grain sectors, who shared their successful cases of using GIS, Analytics and AI during the event.