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Mãos Dadas volunteering program collects 16kg of waste in Santos

In partnership with the Municipal Government and Instituto Mar Azul, a collective clean-up took place on Saturday, June 17, at Gonzaga Beach, between channels 2 and 3

Bracell, a global leader in dissolving pulp production, partnered with the Municipal Government of Santos and Instituto Mar Azul, to collect 16kg of waste at Gonzaga Beach, between channels 2 and 3, in Santos.

62 volunteers participated in the collective clean-up that occurred on Saturday, June 17, including Bracell employees from Intermodal Santos, friends, and family, along with the partner institutes.

The collective clean-up marked the launch of the “Mãos Dadas” Volunteering Program in São Paulo state. / Photo: Bracell archive.

“Bracell has a strong commitment to the environment and continuously engages in all matters related to sustainability.  This was a highly positive action, and we will continue to involve our employees in causes that benefit the climate, creating opportunities for them to use their knowledge, skills and time to the benefit of the communities where the company operates,” emphasizes Mouana Sioufi, Manager of Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility at Bracell.

The initiative’s goal was to promote environmental education and raise awareness among the population about the impact of waste disposal on the oceans, getting people to reflect on the role they play in the planet’s sustainability. The materials collected included various types of plastics, cigarette butts, Styrofoam, metals, paper and other waste, which will be directed to municipal landfills.

Hailton Santos, the President of Instituto Mar Azul, praises the initiative and participating employees and volunteers, adding “the litter in this environment poses a significant risk to water quality, contamination of beaches and negative impacts on marine life.  However, the initiative in isolation is not enough.  We need to work tirelessly on environmental education involving all of society to change mindsets.  In other words: educate to transform.”

Marcos Libório, Municipal Environment Secretary in Santos, says, “as the first city in the world to introduce ocean culture in schools, Semam thanks Bracell.  Those who care, preserve, and those who are concerned, take action.  Congratulations to the company, which through its initiative recognizes and contributes to Santos’ efforts in the fight for a clean and healthy ocean for all.  That’s what makes a difference,” he affirms.

The collective clean-up marked the launch of the “Mãos Dadas” Volunteering Program in São Paulo state, through Bracell Social, a program of actions that drive development in the communities where the company operates, aiming for more inclusive and sustainable territories.