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Bahia nurseries set record for seedling use

Record for seedling obtained in 2023 surpasses records that already belonged to Viveiros Quatis and Salgado, located in the cities of Entre Rios and Inhambupe (BA)

Bracell Bahia closed 2023 with plenty of cause for cheer, reasons for which include setting a new record in final seedling use among all RGE Group nurseries, reaching a rate of 86%. This surpasses the previous record held by the Quatis and Salgado Nurseries, located in the cities of Entre Rios and Inhambupe (BA), respectively.

To surpass this record and achieve this result, over the months the team worked on in-depth studies of the clones and their needs, seeking to adapt them to environmental variations, which are uncontrollable, in addition to renovating the nurseries to improve the structure and accommodation of the seedlings.

Investments were also made in team training, with training sessions and trips to partner nurseries, to foster the exchanging of expertise.

Record for seedling use reflects values

For Raoni Melo, Nursery Coordinator, this achievement embodies RGE core values. “This is the result of an entire group pulling together in pursuit of Continuous Improvement, harnessing Ownership as a guide, and never forgetting that we are a Complementary teams, full of engaged and capable people.”

Bahia nurseries celebrating record for seedling use.
Celebration of Bracell’s record-breaking in Bahia

Among the challenges the team is facing to improve our brand are sustaining high levels of quality and safety and adapting to climate change, daily changes and customer requirements. The main challenges moving forward are to maintain our production and quality indicators and cut costs without impacting the process.

Raoni also praised the achievement and the dedication of his team. “Without a doubt, pride is the word that embodies the entire Nurseries team.  We are overjoyed and with that feeling of having more than fulfilled our duty”, he concluded.