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Tech Hub opens up and calls for business incubation applications

The Tech Hub received and investment of R$ 3.9 million, result of a term formalized between the City of Santos and Bracell

From now on, professionals and other members of the Santos region have extensive support infrastructure at the headquarters of the Tech Hub. As part of the celebrations of the city’s 478th anniversary, the building’s new spaces were delivered on January 31st for events, training, coworking and other activities. The investment made on the building is the result of a Term of Responsibility for the Implementation of Mitigating and/or Compensatory Measures (Trimmc, in Portuguese acronym), worth R$ 3.9 million, formalized between the City of Santos and Bracell.

“The interventions carried out here at the Tech Hub are an example of a successful partnership between public authorities and the private sector. This union will promote technological innovation and sustainable development, in addition to generating more jobs and income in our city”, highlighted Mayor Rogério Santos, remembering that initiatives developed in the new space will benefit several sectors of the local economy, such as the port and tourist areas.

People using Tech Hub structure
People using Tech Hub structure / Photo: Francisco Arrais

“We are happy to contribute with this initiative, which is a counterpart to our work on the port terminal. The delivery of the Tech Hub is an incentive for the entrepreneurship and innovation capacity of the Santos community”, highlights the commercial and logistics director of Bracell, Alberto Pagano.

For the director of Institutional, Government and Community Relations at Bracell, Manoel Browne, the inauguration highlights the company’s efforts to invest in partnerships aimed at developing locations in which it operates. “We believe that innovation is a tool that expands possibilities for growth”, he highlighted.

Structure of the Tech Hub

Interventions provided improvements such as air conditioning, furniture, lighting, electrical installation, computer equipment, among others, on four of the seven floors of the building. On the ground floor, there is a new reception, waiting area for events or exhibitions and three offices. On the other floors there are coworking spaces.

Meeting rooms are named after areas, tourist attractions and Santos expressions such as Coffee Stock Market, Serrat Mount, Marapé, Macuco, Belmiro Villa, Northwest Zone, Quebra-Mar and Magrela.

Tech Hub structure
Tech Hub structure / Photo: Francisco

There is also a state-of-the-art auditorium with capacity for 130 people on the fifth floor and administrative spaces and laboratories on the sixth floor.

Incubation notice

On February 1st, the public call for selection of technological and innovation-based business projects that will be part of the Santos Tech Hub will be published in the Official Gazette.

There will be vacancies in coworking resident, modular resident and non-resident modalities with affordable prices, in addition to exemption from monthly fees for winners of technology competitions and beneficiaries of income transfer or social assistance programs. Registrations are made via the website

Resident incubators will have access to financing sources and grant programs, training and development, mentoring and consultancy.

“We are witnessing a historic and transformative moment for our ecosystem. This will be a game changer for a variety of actors, from early-stage entrepreneurs, through researchers, to large companies and investors engaged in digital transformations. Our focus is to create a conducive environment for everyone to connect, collaborate and prosper in the vibrant ecosystem of innovation and startups”, explains the president of Fundação Parque Tecnológico de Santos, Eduardo Bittencourt.