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Bracell launches communication channels of the Forest Partnership Program

With the objective of expanding the network of forest partners, the company opens a direct channel with the rural landowner offering business options for growing eucalyptus

Bracell, located in Lençóis Paulista-SP, is launching communication channels for rural producers to obtain information about the company’s Forest Partnership Program. Through the hotsite, telephone or e-mail, interested parties can ask questions and enter into business with Bracell.

The new pulp mill is already a reality and, in order to meet production demand, the company is expanding its forest base in the Midwest region by proposing, through the Program, three types of business: partnership, development and purchase of Marketplace.

The objective is to support the development of the region through the cultivation of renewable forests for pulp production. This is an option of income diversification, providing a safe return of profitability to the producer.

In addition to the business models, the prerequisites for establishing partnerships are also available on the channels.


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