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Bracell brings together regional houses of agriculture to present the commercial potential of eucalyptus in the region

The expansion project of the pulp mill in Lençóis Paulista is already underway, bringing sustainable business opportunities to the region.

In April and May, Bracell São Paulo held meetings between the company’s forestry team and the teams of Sustainable Rural Development Coordinators (CDRS – CATIs) in the cities of Bauru, Jaú, Botucatu, Lins, Avaré, Ourinhos and Marília. The meetings explained the company and our expansion project, known as Project Star, as well as the opportunities available to local farmers and landowners to diversify their income by setting up sustainable eucalyptus plantations.

The purpose of these meetings was to share important information to farmers interested in diversifying their income. “We believe that dialogue is the best way to strengthen relationships and extend our knowledge with transparency and respect,” said Bracell Forest Director Mauro Quirino.  “These meetings were important for opening a channel of direct communication between technicians, producers and the company.”

For the technicians of the regional offices, the action was a way to learn about the company and the opportunities for eucalyptus production. “Our region is experiencing an expansion of eucalyptus culture. I believe that eucalyptus is an activity that can become very interesting from the small producer to the larger one,” said Marco Aurélio Beraldo, director of the regional CDRS of Bauru.

For more information on eucalyptus cultivation visit or call 0800 006 2422.