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Bracell launches Sustainability Report 2017

Bracell has released its 2017 Sustainability Report, which details the company’s social, environmental and economic performance.

Marcelo Leite, Managing Director of Bracell, highlighted the main results in forestry and industrial operations. “We produced 27% more seedlings than in 2016, we planted the largest area of ​​this decade and delivered the largest volume of timber since we started operations. At the plant, we have exceeded the previous years’ volumes of specialty grade pulp production and have further reduced water consumption.”

In 2017, Bracell employees also lived a historic moment in relation to the Group’s organizational culture: this year, the new Core Values ​​were launched for all the companies in RGE. It also saw the launch of Bracell’s Sustainability Policy, which sets out the group’s commitment to sustainable development in all its operations. On this subject, Marcelo said that “a series of actions involving all the company’s personnel was and will continue being carried out to ensure that everyone incorporates these values ​​in their daily life, strengthening themselves as human beings and professionals and also strengthening the company.”

You can download the 2017 Bracell Sustainability Report here.