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Bracell presents Star Project for entrepreneurs

Bracell’s General Director, Pedro Stefanini; HR manager Carlos Gasparetto and Communication Manager Ana Paula Bortolozzi were present at a meeting held at the City Hall to present the Star Project to entrepreneurs in Macatuba. The Star Project, the name makes a reference to the enlargement of the Bracell pulp mill, has investments in the house of R$ 7 billion and generation of 7,500 jobs during the peak period of construction. The presentation was conducted by director Pedro Stefanini and manager Carlos Gasparetto. Mayor Marcos Olivatto opened the meeting by thanking everyone present and praising the importance of Bracell’s investment and attention to the community and economic agents.

The meeting promoted by Macatuba City Hall, with the support of the ACE (Commercial Business Association, in portuguese) of Macatuba, was held in the Hall of the Municipal Hall “Treze de Junho” on Wednesday, May 22. It was attended by the President of the Legislative, Júlio Cesar Saes, the councilors Anderson Ferreira, Eloizio Abel, Fabricio Gino Pereira and Lazão Cordeiro, the president of ACE, Evandro Manfio, Santa Casa director, Armando Soares de Oliveira, government secretaries and guests.

The Secretary of Development, Pedro Martins, presented the Emprega Macatuba program and spoke about the importance of entrepreneurs and workers to join the electronic registration, which will be the basis for the offer of labor and services.

“It was a very good meeting, several points were clarified and from now on the merchants and companies that want to do business with Bracell already have a channel, which is Emprega Macatuba, and which is available on the website of the City Hall. We are offering tools so that Macatubans can work and grow with this development boom that is approaching,”, said Mayor Marcos Olivatto.

Stefanini and Gasparetto clarified the doubts of those present and highlighted that before making high investments it is necessary to remember that the work will last two years and, because of this, everything has to be evaluated very carefully so that the merchants do not get indebted. They also said that it is a great opportunity for the economic development of Macatuba and region.

Another important approach was in relation to the new jobs that will be generated and the need for professional qualification of the workers.