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Ecological Gymkhana awareness about the environment

A different and exciting activity is stirring students, teachers and other residents of the rural communities where Bracell BA’s Ecommunity Project takes place: Ecological and Cultural Gymkhana, with activities that stimulate environmental education, socialization, health and the environment. The initiative proposes the discussion of issues related to the environment, the transformation of the environment through human action, the impacts caused by these actions and the possible forms of intervention in order to guarantee the next generations the natural resources indispensable for their survival. According to Ana Paula Batista, project coordinator, the contest takes place in four of the 18 communities where the Ecommunity is held.

The most recent edition was on October 25, at Oliveira Brito Municipal School, in Cinco Estradas, Entre Rios district. Before it, the contest took place in honor of Arbor Day on September 21, in Sítio do Meio, also in Entre Rios, and on October 11, in celebration of Children’s Day, in the community of Pindobal, in Alagoinhas. The next edition will be on November 15, in São José do Avena, Itanagra district.

“The tasks stimulate reflection on the environmental issue as a whole, but especially on selective collection, focusing on the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). We seek to sensitize the public about the importance of environmental preservation, especially with regard to care in the production of waste, while also improving the working conditions of waste pickers, adding value to the material collected and guiding its use aware of natural resources,” said Ana Paula.

The Ecological and Cultural Gymkhana has activities such as mascots made with recyclables, parade of clothes made with recyclables, parody festival about the 3 Rs and production of toys with reused material. In addition, there is evidence such as the thematic panel on waste, its proper disposal and impacts on health and the environment, proof of the recipe for food reuse, proof of the most creative garbage collector elaboration and proof of the largest amount of recyclable waste packaging for donation to community pickers.

In Five Roads, the contest surprised the Bracell Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility team. In fulfillment of some of the tasks, the teams gave a creativity show featuring a geek table made with broomstick and pegs, clothes made with an umbrella cover and a recycled robot that speaks by

application. They also created a pumpkin-peel cake recipe and mobilized to collect cans to raise money to buy glasses for a child in the community.