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Projeto Avança highlights technology at Bracell plant in Bahia

On the 26th, the BATV program of Rede Bahia, affiliated with Rede Globo, featured another report from Projeto Avança, which highlights the Bahian companies that stand out for the use of technology in their operations. This time, the Bracell mill was one of the stars of the edition, with an article highlighting the pulp and washing pilot plant and an autoclave system that allows soluble cellulose to be obtained from small volumes of processed wood.

In addition to providing subsidies for the annual planning of forestry operations, the pilot plant allows BSC to identify clones with the greatest potential for industrial activity. With this, the company makes better use of financial resources and obtains products better suited to customer needs.

The wood used in this plant comes from various eucalyptus hybrids developed by Bracell’s own Forest Research and Development team. This structure makes it possible to develop the manufacturing process and identify the genetic material with the greatest potential for use in industry.

During a visit to the factory, reporter Eduardo Oliveira interviewed Marcelo Leite, senior vice president of Bracell, and André Turqueti, senior technology and process manager for the company in Bahia. The journalist pointed out that “one of the company’s great differentials is investing in innovation” and that structures such as the pilot plant help “eliminate risks, reduce costs and make innovations more accurate”.

“Based on the pilot plant, we conducted tests and gained market share. Today, we are the second largest in the world in special pulp,” said Marcelo Leite. In turn, Turqueti highlighted the applications of our products. “It is used in the chemical industry to make paints, plastics and the biggest market is textiles,” he said.

The Project Advances

Projeto Avança has reports, programs, special programs and events from May to October. The reports are shown on BA TV and Jornal da Manhã and the 1-minute vignettes are shown throughout the program, while the three editions of the special programs represent each phase of the project.

In the first phase, “Bahia that works”, the station showed the segments that are the great economic highlights of the state and that projects Bahia nationally and internationally. The Bahians were shown the sectors that are proud of their high productivity, significant numbers and concrete results spread throughout all regions of the state.

“Bahia that surprises”, the second phase of the project, focused on the examples of businesses, segments and economic sectors less well known to Bahians, but which already present opportunities for growth, evolution and recognition.

Finally, “Bahia do Futuro” brings together Bahian cases that connect our state to the future, using technology, artificial intelligence and sectors that are meeting the new demands of the consumer market.