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New precipitator reduces factory emissions

Bracell’s commitment to continuous end-to-end process improvement is reinforced by one more important project: the installation of the fourth electrostatic precipitator (PE) in the Bahia plant’s recovery boiler. The precipitators receive the gases from the recovery boiler and trap polluting particles that would be released into the atmosphere, releasing only clean gas. The equipment, which began operating in July this year, has reduced the monthly emissions ratio significantly.

For Marcelo Leite, senior vice president of Bracell, the initiative strengthens our practices guided by the RGE Group’s Forestry, Fiber, Pulp and Paper Sustainability Framework. “We invested 28 million reais in this project, significantly improving our environmental performance, which goes far beyond the commitment required by the legislation regarding emission standards,” says Marcelo. The result achieved with the four precipitators in operation guaranteed an 80% improvement over our license, which allows a monthly volume of up to 100 mg/NM³.

The project also includes the reform of the three existing precipitators. With PE4, it will be possible to renovate the other units sequentially, ensuring that we always have three equipment in operation. In the case of the Bracell plant, there are electrostatic precipitators installed in the recovery boiler and lime kiln. The Environment coordinator of the Bahia plant Adalberto Sanches celebrates: “The installation of PE4 allows the maintenance and cleaning of the other precipitators without having particulate material deviations to the atmosphere”.

Bracell Sustainability Policy – Launched in 2017, Bracell’s Sustainability Policy is a document that guides the company’s decision making focused on sustainability. The policy makes public Bracell’s commitment to sustainable development in all operations as one of the leading producers of special soluble pulp from eucalyptus wood. The document symbolizes the company’s evolution and its determination to share its commitment to sustainable business management with people, suppliers and customers worldwide.