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Company opens its doors for municipal managers of education

The attentive eyes, the various questions, the attention to every detail presented and the photos with the mobile phones made it clear: the visit of almost 40 managers and technical education teams from Alagoinhas, Cardinal da Silva, Conde, Entre Rios, Esplanada, Inhambupe and Itanagra à Bracell at the Camaçari Industrial Pole, on the 29th, was a complete success.

While many of the visitors did not have a favourable impression of eucalyptus cultivation at first, they left with a changed perception: that forestry is a necessity and can be done sustainably, providing social, economic and environmental benefits.

The class toured the factory at the Camaçari Industrial Pole, where they attended an institutional presentation by Gleison Rezende, a specialist in Corporate Communications. After a panoramic tour of the unit, visitors went to Setec (Technical Sector) at Fazenda Salgado in Inhambupe, where Jacyr Mesquita, Forestry expert, shared information that left visitors amazed by the sustainability of the company’s processes.

“It is important to know how to dialogue with our target audience in different ways. The educator is an opinion leader and, through him, we can disseminate information about our business,” said Ana Paula de Matos, Social Responsibility Analyst.

According to her, the purpose of the visit was to demystify eucalyptus production and our processes, enabling participants to know more about the company’s good practices, as well as forest management and the benefits that eucalyptus and planted forests bring for the environment, the region and the people.

Gessia Marques, pedagogical director of the Entre Rios Department of Education, described the experience as magnificent: “Bracell gave us a very productive and reflective day. In this visit, we realized that we still have to demystify eucalyptus and it is very important to transmit this knowledge to our students.”

Jardiel Alarcon, Inhambupe Secretary of Education, stressed the need to bring this knowledge to schools: “The experience was fantastic. We understand the importance of eucalyptus for socioeconomic and environmental development in the places where the company operates and for the sustainable development of the region. We intend to socialize all this content with the education network, teachers, students and school communities,” added the manager.

“After the visit, I understood that Bracell plants eucalyptus for all of us. If there was no renewable eucalyptus plantation, the native forests would be deforested and we would not have products present in our daily life,” said Helena Cristina Cruz dos Santos, an educator from Esplanada.


Continuing Education

Bracell’s Continuing Education project promotes the pedagogical qualification of teachers of kindergarten and elementary education, multigrade classes, the program of Youth and Adult Education (EJA) and the entire public education network of Alagoinhas, Araçás, Cardinal da Silva, Count, Esplanade, Between Rivers, Inhambupe and Itanagra. The project aims to promote continuous learning among educators in these municipalities.

“The Continuing Education Project is part of the Educar com Você (Educate with You) corporate program, which is Bracell’s largest social investment,” said Mouana Fonseca, manager of Bracell’s Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility. According to her, the project reaches 404 schools in seven municipalities. Through it, 1,239 teachers, 128 pedagogical coordinators, 150 school principals and 70 technical teams have already been trained. These professionals work directly in the education of 25,000 students in the region. To conduct the project, Bracell hired the Chapada Institute of Education and Research (Icep).