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Bracell launches silviculture training course

Properly managing eucalyptus production is vital to ensure a supply of quality dissolving pulp to our customers. And one of the secrets to achieving this result is having well-prepared teams. With this in mind, Bracell BA’s Silviculture department has launched its first silviculture course.

Scheduled for completion in December 2020, the training is provided by Bracell staff and experts from institutions such as the Institute for Forestry Research and Studies (Ipef), the Society of Forestry Investigations (SIF) and Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz University of São Paulo (Esalq/USP), among others.

The course has theoretical and practical classes on forest activities that will contribute to the technical improvement of the team, enabling a broader view of the entire production process.

In addition to silviculture professionals, students come from functions such as Planning, Controlling, Environment and Certifications, Nursery, Setec and Institutional Relations. In this way, the course promotes cross-disciplinary integration and leads to a richer debate of the content covered.

For Dandara Real, a specialist in silviculture, the course marks the beginning of a new moment at Bracell. “The company is increasingly investing in people and this course is a reflection of that,” she said.

According to her, topics such as soil preparation, nutrition, genetic improvement, soluble cellulose production, forest management, seedling production, herbicide application technology and social and environmental management will be addressed, as well as other topics aimed at promoting the technical improvement of the soil.

The first class was given by Professor José Leonardo Gonçalves, from Ipef, one of Brazil’s most respected specialists in Soils and Nutrition. “He valued Bracell’s initiative and clearly recognized the Core Values – TOPICC among course participants,” added Dandara, thanking HR for their support in setting up the classes.