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Bracell assumes the One for One Commitment

Initiative is integrated into the company’s Sustainability journey

Bracell celebrates its 3rd anniversary this year by taking on the “One for One Commitment”, an unprecedented initiative in Brazil. The company will contribute to conserving native vegetation areas equal in size to the plantation areas. Therefore, for every 1 hectare of eucalyptus forest planted, Bracell is committed to conserving 1 hectare of native vegetation. It is worth mentioning that, if Bracell increases its areas of forest base, it will proportionally also expand the conserved areas to maintain our Commitment. The goal is to reach this proportion by 2025.

Photo: Bracell.

Understand our actions:

+ Support for the protection and improvement of Conservation Areas or Permanent Preservation;

+ Care for the wild fauna: elaboration of an executive project of a bridge for primates to cross roads safely;

+ Study and recommendations for the control of invasive species that impact biodiversity;

+ Remote monitoring of fauna: with recorders and trap cameras, contributing to the identification of species and monitoring of environmental quality indicators of conservation units;

+ Construction and maintenance of firebreaks to prevent forest fires;

+ Availability of manual fire control equipment + Workshops for firefighters involving neighboring owners and communities;

+ Warning signs and environmental information;

+ Planting of seedlings of native species from the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado in third-party areas, with the support of NGOs.

Photo: Bracell.

Successful partnerships!

+ Forest Foundation

Bracell signed a sponsorship agreement with the Forest Foundation, linked to the Environment Department of the Government of São Paulo, to support actions to protect 66,000 hectares of native forests, which include relevant areas of the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado Paulista. We highlight fire prevention and control actions at the Bauru Ecological Station, an area that was affected by a great fire and that impacted the region’s biodiversity. This partnership is the largest sponsorship action ever signed with the Forest Foundation since the creation of the Adopt a Park Program.

+ SOS Atlantic Forest

In partnership with the NGO SOS Atlantic Forest, Bracell is committed to carrying out actions to promote the restoration of 30 hectares of Atlantic Forest in Permanent Preservation and Legal Reserve areas, contributing to the formation of ecological corridors and the connectivity of remaining fragments, initiatives of the Forests of the Future Program. Areas of the catchment of the River Batalha in Bauru and the catchment of the River Pardo in Botucatu stand out. As the next steps, the NGO will carry out diagnoses for possible restorations in the Subaúma river basin in Bahia and in São Paulo to identify new areas suitable for restoration.

+ Sema and Inema

In Bahia, the State Government Environment Secretariat (Sema) and the Bahia Institute for the Environment and Water Resources (Inema) are important partners of Bracell in the creation of Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPN), a powerful conservation instrument of biodiversity, such as the Falcão project, which is the largest RPPN ever recognized by state management in Bahia, with 937.3177 ac, and Japurá, with 534.2476 ac. These areas are in addition to two other RPPNs of the company approved by the Federal Government, through Ibama: Lontra, the largest private conservation area on the North Coast, with 1,377 acres, and Pedra de São José, in Mata de São João. As a result of the programs in favor of the environment carried out by Bracell, Inema also certified three Wild Animal Release Areas (Asas), namely the Cachoeira Project, in the municipality of Entre Rios, and the Sergipe Project, in Jandaíra, alongside the Lontra RPPN. State agencies also signed the Technical Cooperation Agreement (ACT) to train 100 volunteer firefighters, an action of the Bahia Sem Fogo Program to combat and prevent forest fires.