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Bracell launches road safety campaign

Many traffic accidents could be prevented if the driver did not drink alcohol before driving, did not exceed the speed limit or did not use the phone while driving. Forbidden by law, these actions put in danger the lives of thousands of highway users across the country. Aware of this, the Government of Bahia, the Highway Police Battalion and Bracell launched, on September 10, a road safety campaign with billboards, radio and newspapers and regional news sites.

“We extend our internal campaigns to other road users as part of our commitment to act responsibly not only with our drivers, but also with other road users,” says Fernanda Fernandes, Logistics Manager at Bracell Bahia. “I want to thank here all the support of the State Government, the Highway Police and also the area of Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility, who articulated so that the campaign reached as many people as possible”, completes Fernanda.